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Lindsey Stirling Nude In Violin Vixen Magazine

Lindsey Stirling nude

World famous violinist Lindsey Stirling appears to pose nude for Violin Vixen magazine in the photos above.

As we all know Violin Vixen magazine is the premiere publication for nude pictorials of all the top violinists (for who could forget the extremely graphic shoot that they did featuring Yo-Yo Ma)… And with Lindsey Stirling being the most popular violin playing whore in the world, it comes as no surprise that she was offered the chance to flaunt her nude flesh like this.

Lindsey Stirling sexy

After viewing these photos there is no denying that the violin is one of the more depraved instruments, which is why the holy Qur’an declares that all stringed music is haram. Thankfully Lindsey’s best musical days are still ahead of her, for her upcoming collaboration with us righteous Muslims bouncing the stones of justice off of her degenerate noggin will certainly be the sweetest sound she’s ever had a part in creating.