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Malin Ackerman Mask and Hard Nipples of the Day

Malin Akerman Mask Hard Nipples

I used to read tabloid magazines when waiting at the STD clinic, Welfare Office, anywhere there were magazines….despite not giving a fuck about celebrities or the entertainment industry.

I didn’t start this site because I was some fag who was into the tabloids, the only tabloids I liked were things like World Weekly News, with stories about incest alien love triangles and shit liek that.

I ended up doing the celebrity content because there’s SO many pics and videos of celebs on the daily, that for someone who doesn’t leave the couch it was easy…but the idea was celebrity gossip from some pervert who doesn’t give a fuck about celebrity gossip…becasue that’s true to the core of who I am.

I like tits like I love sluts…so do what you know…

It makes for a very weird site, since there’s no actual point to visit the site. There’s no breaking news stories or anything like that…but look at me…still doing it 15 years later…

ANYWAY, that was a long intro….but I used to always wonder why magazines like People used to put the ages of the people they were writing their bullshit gossip about. I used to find that dumb, like who cares how old these fuckers are…but I find myself doing it….because I’m like “How old is this bitch now”….

As it turns out, Malin Akerman is 41, which is pretty fucking old. She’s a born in Sweden, raised in Ontario Canada thank to to relaxed immigration policies. She got her start in Toronto before ending up in LA in 2001, where she’s lived the vapid and barely celebrity life…

She’s basically been off the radar until this past week, I guess she was bored in lockdown and figured she should call her paparazzi friends to get some visibility..maybe 2020 is her comeback year…and the veteran knows if the nips are out the people will see!

So this is that.

Malin Akerman Mask Hard Nipples
Malin Akerman Mask Hard Nipples


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Malin Ackerman Swimsuit of the Day

Malin Ackerman Swimsuit

The nice thing about the pandemic is that you know which celebs are calling the paparazzi….and staging their bullshit publicity stunts…

Like Malin Ackerman.

Basically, celebs going to the grocery stores when they pay personal assistants to do everything including wiping their asses in some cases, life as a celebrity personal assistant would be fucking hell…yet here they are out there doing their groceries all of a sudden…while in masks so that you can’t even distinguish which celeb is which…but the paparazzi just “KNOW”….it’s some real fucking bullshit…

Then there’s Malin Ackerman….

Who no one gives a fuck about anymore now that she’s in her 40s, but in her younger years was the eye candy needed to make movies better.

She’s just randomly walking out to her car, that is visible from the street, for the paparazzi that just happen to be posting up at her house because Malin Ackerman is such an A-List name…while they arent posting up at actual A-List houses because they know they don’t have a 1 pm scheduled bathing suit appearance.

I get it, celebrities are whores dying for relevance, even when they’ve had major success, they want to keep the lies alive…

I don’t mind it, because an old celebrity ass is still an ass….not that Malin Ackerman is really that much of a celebrity but you know what I mean..

It’s just a reminder that it’s all desperate and pathetic and thus hilarious….

Shamelessness isn’t reserved for those girls of instagram trying so hard to get famous…it’s for the already famous too.

Society is so fucked.

Malin Ackerman Swimsuit
Malin Ackerman Swimsuit
Malin Ackerman Swimsuit


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