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Maria Camila Samudio in a Quarantine of the Day

I don’t know who MARIA CAMILA SAMUDIO is, but who fucking cares, she’s in her underwear in a shoot at home and that’s basically all these girls can do.

If you’re sitting bored at home, and you are, unless you’re a nurse jacking off on the clock as people are dying…

She’s apparently also started a magazine, which is the big trend of the nude girls of instagram, I guess it makes their nudes seem more purposeful…like they are more than just girls naked on Ig, they are publishers….

I am all for naked chicks deciding they are publishers to release their nudes pics under some banner, instead of just being nudes pics for the sake of nude pics, these are nudes pics with a purpose, then they get to use other naked chicks to promote their magazine, because people like being published, so they can write PUBLISHED MODEL in their bio, despite being self published…nothing wrong with being self published, just ask the 50s Shades of Grey fan fiction pervert and her billions of dollars.

It’s just funny to see the no naked models making magazines are doing smarter moves than the more famous naked models who are too lazy, entitled, spoiled to bother actually taking their nudes to the next level.

I support sexual entrepreneurship.

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