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Naked Maria Demina Shows Her Busy and Butt in B&W

Nude Maria Demina pictures. Photography by Alexander-Maximilian Herman (2019). Yeah-yeah, irrelevant Russian hoes are now our thing. Sorry… Sorry and enjoy the pictures as well.

Maria Demina and her Awesome Selfies of the Day

Her name is MARIA DEMINA and she’s some kind of instagram photographer or model or both…I mean it doesn’t require all that much talent to be either…especially when you look like Maria Demina…because I’m not capable of running a social media account, I hate the concept of investing time and content and effort into Zuckerberg’s platform that made him billions, even if it’s a way to get audience and discovered, I pretty much prefer to remain obsolete and irrelevant, but I am also old…and these younger folk have a dream to never work conventional lives, to travel doing shoots that don’t matter, all while subsidized by “hip” brands and rich dudes…because they are hot. I get it, working a normal job is for fucking losers, when you can just do this. Plus, the whole generation is all about nudity, sex work, and everything my generation looked down upon…allowing the shine shine of hot chicks who would have been bank tellers or whatever hot chicks did for work….I guess they always were just housewives to rich guys….to really shine.

I mean…on all fours butt shots just for the hell of it…not so subtle, sure, but seems so fucking great to me…and it is happening.

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