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Maria Menounos See Through Bra of the Day

maria menounos see though bra

Back in 2011, Maria Menounos flashed her PUSSY ON THE BEACH …so we have seen her pussy stick its tongue out at us at least once that I can remember and it was exciting. I mean she was the Mary Hart of her generation, hosting her shitty entertainment TV show as the eye candy for husbands forced to watch the shit with their shitty wives in a pre-streaming era, you know keep them interested….

I was of the school of thought that the greek slut was fine with showing her pussy, because as a Greek, her asshole was her real pussy. They basically invented anal sex with olive oil as a people, so it’s Greek stereotype that holds some truth to me, because I worked in a warehouse with a greek guy who was fucking the 300 pound secretary strictly up the ass because he had a wife at home and pussy was only for making babies.

The fact that 9 years later, I am still doing this shit is insane, but not as insane as how good Maria Menounos still looks, I mean she’s in her 40s.

Not that anyone should care about Menounos, her age or her bikini, I mean there are real celebs, influencers and all that out there, but I’ll post it for old times, I mean since I have seen her pussy already, I feel like we’ve old friends at this point.

The fact that in 2011, I thought I had been doing the site for a few years too long, only to be doing the site 9 years later….is fucking stupid on my part but what the fuck else am I do to…you keep coming by, so me reducing myself to this site is ON you. I had dreams man…DREAMS…(no I didn’t),…but if I did…it’s your fault I haven’t fulfilled them because I’m here posting Menounos bikini pics that you can see on Instagram…I am obsolete.

maria menounos see though bramaria menounos see though bra


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