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Flasher With the Mask On of the Day

I know that masks are stupidly a point of contention for people. It’s some political thing now, where if you are a masker you are a pussy liberal fag and if you are an anti-maxer you’re all dude and for the freedoms of America…when really it’s just a fucking face convering that makes you anonymous so you can do things like rob banks like a bandit or jerk off in public places like a pervert with less risk of being identified on security camera….

I know that no one I see wear masks, even though we are all wearing masks everyday of our lives, giving the illusion that we are something we aren’t…especially you BOTOX face injection women….so why not wear a fucking mask….to cover up your old haggard face no one wants to see, or your mangled face injected face no one wants to see….because makes make ugly bitches hotter.

This girl is not anti-mask, as she does her flashing in public and I think we should all follow her lead and put our favorite mask on…or at least pull your titties out and post that shit to the internet.


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