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Meaghan Rath Brown Mermaid of the Day

meaghan rath bikini mermaid

Her name is Meaghan Rath. Not to be confused with Meghan Markle, but basically the same person. Low level actor with a dream.

I know of her because she’s from Canada and was on some shitty teen show that no one watched, but that people I knew over the years were familiar with because they grew up with this girl. I guess it was a big deal to have a friend on TV, and that friend on TV would walk around thinking she was better than everyone because she was on TV, only to move to LA where I guess she lives now….with not only a shitty light fixture….a sconce if you will but also a shitty couch.

I assume her LA / Hollywood acting dreams are in the process of coming true, but only because she’s been on enough shows for people to think she’s worthy of looking at, and with that audience of enough people, she’s decided to do some weirdo quarantine Disney character dances in her underwear….something I find creepy, weird, awkward and embarrassing, but probably something her fans fucking love….while I’m just left to wonder whether this is the kind of performance she puts on in the bedroom, you never know with actors, they are so fucking weird and so fucking into themselves with their lack of feeling any shame in what they do….I can only imagine the 33 year old does some weird shit depending on who she’s fucking and how she wants to manipulate them, I mean if this is the kind of thing she considers normal for social media…imagine when the cameras are off.

But then again, when the cameras are off is probably when the show ends, it’s like fucking a pornstar outside of her fucking for work, you can hope it’d be epic and explosive, but I’m sure it’s more like a cleaning lady who lives in a huge mess, because she doesn’t like to bring her work home with her.

Ultimately, who cares.

meaghan rath bikini mermaid


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