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Melissa Satta in a Bikini of the Day

Melissa Satta is some Italian based TV presenter, SHOWGIRL, and 2010 Sports Illustrated model that you’ve probably never heard of because I’ve never heard of her and I’ve been doing this site for 15 fucking years…HOWEVER…it is very possible that I have heard of her and have posted on her but just don’t remember because I don’t remember shit, dementia maybe, alzheimers, just being built dump or maybe my brain is fucking pickled…who cares….I saw the paparazzi pics of her 34 year old ass and thought the cellulite looked weird, but the ass still looked good, maybe because of the bikini bottoms fitting her right, or maybe it’s just a good ass…who knows…

She was born in Boston, so she’s not a full on Italian treat like spaghetti….but rather an Italian with an American passport….she’s also a Karate champion which is hilarious but not as hilarious as being the mistress to Kobe Bryant who almost got Vanessa Bryant to leave him before rigging his helicopter to get that inheritance she deserves because he was fucking this isntead of her….

Now she’s married to a soccer player….and this is her mom ass in a bikini

Here are some paparazzi pics:

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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