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Micaela Schäfer Posing Topless with Her Badass GFs

Topless Micaela Schäfer BTS picture. Also featuring: Jolee Love and Lillian Will. Fetishizing guns is a very weird thing to do. Also, some of the models here look exceptionally mannish. Just saying’.

Micaela Schäfer Gives a Titjob to Santa Himself

Micaela Schäfer blows Father Christmas himself before letting him tit-fuck her. For some reason, the dude decided to use a fake penis. Maybe Micaela refused to show her STD test results or something.

German Babe Micaela Schäfer Posing Half-Naked Once Again

Micaela Schäfer topless pictures from Fuse Magazin Issue 51 (2019). Photography by Jörg Otto. Sure, she’s not actually topless, but you can see her heart-shaped areolas and the rest, so that counts.