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Mimi Elashiry has her Nip Out of the Day

Mimi Elashiry is proof that you don’t need to be that hot to be an influencer with 1,000,000 followers. You can game the system whether by buying followers for 100 dollars per million followers, or you can game it in other ways by using proper hashtags, engaging with your audience, cross promoting with other not so hot girls…

Her tits are out…showing some nipple which makes her more interesting to me..but probably not to her Egyptian family. I used to get coffee from some Egyptian dude who moved here to go to film school and the guy was gayer than bicycle shorts….but he could not embrace his inner homosexual instincts for fear of his family back home finding out.

I guess the same doesn’t apply to this one, she’s probably 4th generation, cuz having your tits out like this would get a bitch stoned next to King Tut’s pyramid, as they do. We’ve progressed so much as a people.

So anyway, instagram models aren’t hotter than actual models but they are butter at gaming instagram….and the world embraces that, celebrates that, and pays them for that…so here it is.

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