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Monica Bellucci Still Got the Tits of the Day

Unlike Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, still has her tits.

Monica Bellucci, who I assume is not related to Jim Belushi, even though it’d be hard to know they weren’t if this was a conversation and not in writing…because writing out their names that are spelled totally different, has put a damper on that ANGLE.

She has been celebrated by Italian Americans harder than if she was an empty container on the back of a truck, filled with Fur Coats / Cured Meats / Lobsters Filled with Heroin, or other MOB shit like arson for insurance settlements, being involved in Payola for the music industry, gambling…I mean VEGAS….even though the MOB doesn’t exist…

She must be in her 50s even 60s by now, I’m too lazy to google her, but I know she’s been around as long as I’ve had the internet and I got the internet in 1995. It was a simpler time in trolling actual nerds…before the mainstream came in and ruined it.

She is in this magazine, and like my Italian Barber would Say “Mamma Mia”….I don’t think he’d actually say that but I don’t know wop shit…that’s as good as it gets…blame the Mario Brothers…

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