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Halle Berry Uncut Nude Sex Scene From “Monster’s Ball”

The uncut full resolution version of the (in)famous Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry nude sex scene from “Monster’s Ball” has finally been released in the video above.

Halle Berry nude sex

And as you can see, this uncut version proves once and for all that the rumors were true… And that when Bill Bob bounced his balls off of Halle’s bare brown buttock they really were having sex with one another.

Of course this should come as no surprise for Bill Bob has no problem sticking his dick in dark dangerous places, as he use to be bang Angelina Jolie. For her part Halle Berry is a savage Sub-Saharan who will have sex with pretty much anyone (or thing). Not to mention she is not that good an actress, and so the sexual pleasure she exhibits in this scene is far too believable to be a performance.