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Montana Cencarik is a Hot Desert Hitchhiker of the Day

Montana Cencarik straight from the mean streets of Vegas is Miss Nevada Teen USA 2020, which I assume means she’s over 18, but barely. She’s at UNLV, so definitely over 18, thank god….

This is a shoot featuring her exploring the Desert not Dessert, even if she looks like a snack… where they captured these good times with her photographer friend.

I love the desert shoots, because I love the desert, it looks like SPACE…but it features this babe simulating hitchhiking and cooling off for all your hitchhiker fantasies you fucking predator…You know some “save the day” and “I’ll take you wherever you are going girl kind of thing…you fucking predator.

This girl is hot, only has 6000 followers so pay attention to her and her hot body…there’s so much useless trash influencers out there, at least get a hot one seen…just doing my part until the photographer comes begging me to take down the pics because no one like being associated with a site called, that’s why I’m perfectly set up to lose…as I do.

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