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Nadia Rusu Naked of the Day

Nadia Rusu is some Ukrainian…and if you’re on the nude models who aren’t famous kick, you know the ones who star in these instagram photoshoots and either become instagram models, or only fans girls, once they build their audience from their nude shoots….you will know that the Eastern European girls are the best.

I figure it’s because they make more money than Doctors or Dentists in their own countries, all for getting naked for americans, what a Joke….Houses, designer clothing, can be bought by just skating on the ice that is sex work, because when you’re naked and monetizing your naked, it’s sex work…whether you want to admit it or not…

You can follow her great tits on INSTAGRAM, I didn’t bother scouring it, because this shoot had all I needed for now, but I am sure there will be more of Nadia, the mail order bride, not MALE ORDER bride, you wish you could afford, but the internet allows them to not be as fucking desperate.

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