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Naomi Campbell Topless Selfie of the Day

Naomi Campbell Topless Selfie

Naomi Campbell is taking the lead from other 500 year old models – by realizing thanks to social media that they are still appealing to people – so they are forced to keep up their antics like most middle aged women who have learned the tricks of the trade, the ways to manipulate men, the way to pose during sex so they they look their hottest, the way to have sex to make the guys cum the fastest. They are old…..and even when their egos get in the way…they know at their core that they are on the decline, it’s a limited window of opportunity so make the most of it….and thanks to the social media…making the most of it is posting up nudes / half nudes / semi nudes to show off how good you still look to the fans…even if you’re a fraction of how good you looked when you weren’t 50.

I encourage this behavior…but I don’t think it’s all that hot.


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