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Frontline Workers Being Inappropriate of the Day

I guess these women don’t fear getting fired, since they are in high demand, because I am a dinosaur aged pervert and remember a time that women would fear losing their job if their nudes ever leaked, so they’d never bother sending them in case it would backfire knowing dudes are perverts who pass the nudes around like some kind of conquest…..

They probably make more money selling their nudes than they do being nurses, but selling nudes takes 10 minutes a day, what else are they to do with their time, not to mention if they only sell nudes they are officially a sex worker and that 2 year technical college class diploma would be a total waste of time, plus being a nurse comes with benefits, health insurrance maybe even a pension contribution…it’s a solid job…one that is needed as the world continues to test positive for a disease that I would argue isn’t the worst disease humanity has faced and not just because humans are the virus on this earth…but because anyone I know who has had it is like “It’s pretty chill”…but none are living in nursing homes so maybe they have the luxury of not fearing the COVID… no one fears the covid as they all partied, protested and whatever else has been going on the last few months of who gives a fuck about a pandemic…well these babes and not so babe babes give a fuck about the pandemic…they are finally seen as heroes and not janitors and that’s exciting for them….it brings them the confidence they need to keep up the nudity I guess…


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Nurses Gone Wild because Nurses are Still a Thing of the Day

I forgot about nurses when the world forgot about COVID….but apparently they are still being sluts on the internet craving more attention and praise because that whole front line worker hype was exciting for their egos and validating them as more than just pill delivery systems….and since nurses are the sex workers trying to score doctor dick of the healthcare system, becoming sex workers online is the natural step to supplementing their income – while feeling like they are giving back…you know cuz they are nurturing and caring or some shit…..

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Nurses Being Heros of the Day

You know me…all about the sluts of the health care industry, always aiming to please with their nudes that I haven’t really worked out yet….but that I know are getting more and more popular because every day there’s more and more and more of these bitches in scrubs getting naked.

I have always thought nurses had a shitty job, but an easy job to get qualifications for, a three year program at a technical college, like whatever…all to get access to doctors they can seduce to sugar baby…but I didn’t realize they were all exhibitionists actually trying to find doctors to fuck. I just figured that was a myth…and it may be…I mean maybe they want more than just that doctor money, but rather some of that ONLY FANS, PREMIUM SNAP, PATREON Money…because working as a sex worker at night…a little MOONLIGHTING with your pussy like you were Bruce Willis….makes for a good time.

I am just amazed at how bold these women are, faces in the pics, sometimes badges and identification of the hospital.

I guess this is the new normal they talk about, we’re all a bunch of pornographers even if we shouldn’t be.

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