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Phoebe Price is on Some Other Planet of the Day

Phoebe Price and her celebrity mocking that has made her some kind of very very very low on the totem pole celebrity…is hilarious.

I think what she does is the good work, the ultimate troll in part because she probably doesn’t realize it is a troll and she probably believes her own very low level of hype because the new generation of instagram have NO idea who she is and are really missing out because what she is is amazing.

She goes out and does the dumbest more humiliating shit for the paparazzi she is friends with, and those images, because they are by the paparazzi get published in tabloids…and girl gets noticed…get that stamp of approval or pat on her back…and goes on another day planning another WHAT THE FUCK moment in pop culture history.

It’s brilliant performance art, unfortunately, she doesn’t realize it is…and I am proud to call her a friend…who I sometimes get random texts from….but never texts including her sex tapes that I’ve been asking for all these years.

Here’s to fucking weirdos being fucking weirdos and the big tits that make those weirdos better than other weirdos doing the same weirdo things…

She is amazing and has no idea….and unfortunately either does anyone else….


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