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Some Naked Painters in an Artistic Shoot of the Day

I haven’t posted a random hipster shoot in a while, I sort of lost interest in nobodies who think they are somebodies creating nude content that they pretend is art, when clearly it’s for attention…not to mention random hipsters aren’t even hipsters anymore because everyone has the same style…it’s mainstream and mainstream fucking bores me…even when it involves girls fighting for eyeballs and views through nudity. I prefer the straight to the point only fan girls self promoting on social media with straight up selfie nudes, hence my Nurses Gone Wild, Titty Drop, On/Off and other weirdness I’ve been compiling, it’s like straight to the point without the pretension….plus they all email me bitching about how I’ve posted their pics without permission because they don’t understand how the internet works, and it just gets annoying, hopefully this crew appreciates the DrunkenStepfather stamp of approval and endorsement for the 1 person who visits this site as I have zero fucking influence…despite posting nude pics all day.

However, here are two models MADDIE NEVILLE and CHELSEA HOOKER (convenient name) shot by photographer HAMISH WILSON …they seem to be Australian, therefore cool by default….

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Nas’Tassia Shows her Ass-ia of the Day

I came across this photoshoot on some random hipster nudity fetish site that despite posting hipster nudes pretend it’s a whole feminist adventure….

So I dug into who the model was because she’s obviously someone who is building her profile through provocative sex positive content…I needed to know more….

Until hitting her INSTAGRAM and seeing the LINK IN BIO went to an article she wrote called BIOPHILIA…which I guess is some sexualization of a bio…maybe it’s a RAPE of a bio because this is an excerpt:

When I started on this journey of self-discovery, one of the first things I did to center myself, was to fully emerge myself in nature as often as possible. It was there I learned many life lessons, ingrained in every blade of grass, flowing into me through every wave of the ocean. Like the relationship between the moon and the ocean, our lives move in cycles as well, and what a great reminder and reassurance that was at a time that I needed it most. I constantly have small epiphanies while surrounded by towering trees, or looking up into the vast night sky, thus deepening my appreciation for the world’s seemingly everlasting gift.

My opinion of that is that People are nuts…Believe their own hype…even when their hype is under 10,000 people…and people take themselves far too seriously in this self absorbed, narcissistic world of who cares what you think, just keep getting naked bitch.

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Summer is for Fishing of the Day

Did you know that fishing is one of the most popular sports that isn’t really a sport because it requires next to no physical prowess or skill…at least according to me who sees people fish often enough to know they are fat fucks drinking beers on a boat…but it’ popular…

What’s even more popular is naked chicks….so clearly when you merge naked chicks and fish into one black and white photoshoot – which makes no sense to me and is almost insulting to the guy who invented the color photo…because why the fuck would you need to do black and white in this era of IPHONE….for dramatic purpoes? I mean is this old timey? Looks pretty current to me….so it’s just a dumb artistic decision….got it..

ANYWAY…here’s Margaux & Maria Kn playing with some fish, and no, that wasn’t a reference to their vaginas, you misogynists….

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Andrew Kuykendall’s Hot Hollywood Party the Day

Last time I posted some Andrew Kuykendall pics, I said that my claim to fame was hooking this photographer Andrew Kykendall up with a porn star to collaborate on some photos…never to hear from either of them again. I’m a connector, left in the dark connector and that’s ok….my claim to fame is probably nothing to do with linking this photographer up with a pornstar, that’s just one of the many amazing things this multi-faceted hero has done….I haven’t kept track but I’ve helped make dreams come true, just none of my own.

That said, Andrew Kuykendall is pretty bold, being a straight photogrpaher doing photos you’d expect a straight photographer to do 3-4 years ago before the #metoo movement made the instagram dudes run from instagram, their tail between their legs, because they were only taking pics to see pussy, it was a power play, hence the #metoo

But if you own your shit, don’t surrender to the media hype, you can just cruise through getting girls naked in pictures, because we are in a time where more girls are getting naked daily, so if you have a camera, you should be on the front lines of that.

It is the SLUTTIEST of times right now, everyone fucking naked, dive in…despite all the whining feminists crying rape because they got drunk one night, or are mad because a man told them to “Smile” which is apparently man-splaining and derogatory….while bitch posts her asshole to instagram…nuts.

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Half Naked Hipster in a Tree of the Day

Her name is Isabelle Eidlen and I am sure she’s not very happy to be featured on this site, because from experience, every single hipster shoot I post, mean spirited emails come in asking me to take the pictures down, because the young girls in the picture have no idea how the internet works and they just assume the pictures live forever on instagram, the idea of some pervert creepy old guy getting his slimy hands on them, just confuses them because it’s not instagram and instagram is all they know.

What I will say that is positive is that I am all about nudity, getting nude in pics for the internet, I think it’s one of the greatest contributions the internet has made in the world, it’s only taken 20 years or so, but in those 20 years girls, everyday girls, like Isabelle Eidlen realize monetizing their nudes can be hot, can be fun, can be easy and is definitely better than getting a day job.

So those model dreams can come true, if you do it yourself and if you do it nude…and that’s worth celebrating…because I like a world where I’ve seen every bitch naked.

This is not her BLACK SQURE for bullshit instagram activism, it’s not half black face, it titties in a tree the way nature intended!

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Marly Tipper Doing Ballet in Pantyhose, a Thong and a Wifebeater of the Day

You may not know MARLEY TIPPER and either do I, but that doesn’t mean we should endorse or support her quest to be the star of sultry, lewd, naughter photoshoots for the sake of her art.

The fact that she puts her pronoun in her IG is probably the reason we shouldn’t support her lewd, nude and tattooed instagram photoshoots for attention!

With the world in total disruption, from Pandemics to Riots, to Looking, to Racism…it really puts entitled gender fighters and those who support them into perspective of being so entitled and spoiled that their only real problem is other people knowing their gender so they don’t misrepresent them…

I was going to tell a story about the first time I fucked with a girl in pantyhose, she was a waitress who worked the night shift at a 24 hour diner, she was fat, but had massive tits, she may have been missing a tooth, it was a long time ago but I managed to recruit her by telling her I had never ripped a pair of pantyhose open in the heat of the moment, she was wearing pantyhose at the time and offered me a go….but only if I bought her a new pair…an offer, I couldn’t refuse….

We got back to her shitty apartment, started getting down and there she was…disgusting in pantyhose…looking like an overstuffed sausage, in fact I think she was where that expression originated….and I figured I had to commit, I was in too deep despite sobering up…and realizing the regret I was about to feel…

As I moved in….all I could smell was feet. Straight up gym sock in highschool left in the bottom of a locker after a rainstorm in an old pair of sneakers feet….the bitch clearly only had one pair of pantyhose and the rinsing in the sink didn’t kill that bacteria…it was the day my pantyhose fetish was THWARTED but I have since been able to appreciate a hot body in pantyhose the way I did before that bitch…

But instead of telling you that story, I was enraged with her gender pronoun because a person’s gender is their fucking business and should be kept to their damn self…If you want to live life as a girl and you get called a dude – deal with it…if you are a girl then you shouldn’t have a pronoun and if you’re a girl who dances, has her tits out, is in a thong and pantyhose, you should leave the gender assigning to us, because now I assume she’s a dude, as a girl, wanting respect and to be called a she/her and that RUINS wanting to jack off to her the way she intended when she got into producing this softcore porno…like a pornographer…whether she thinks it is porn or not.

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Instagram Model’s Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t know much about KURO or this shoot, but it’s one of those girls of the internet getting naked in a photoshoot because it’s the thing to do. There’s the right level of socially accepted as everyone, even Miley Cyrus gets naked on the internet, and in a lot of ways these now 20 year olds were probably 14 or 15 when Miley was doing it, so maybe they were inspired by her and her Disney Ways to get naked, making the reasons behind the nudes as lame as buying Gap in the 90s. Some hostess twinkie version of nudes. If it’s mainstream and a way to be cool, it’s suddenly less interesting, until you remind yourself that they are naked in these shoots, and naked, for any reason is awesome….whether getting there was lame as shit or not.

That is not to say that this model is not some REAL DEAL nude artist trying to get her message out there, I speak in averages and generalizations here, and from my many years alive, anything popular is garbage…even if it’s nudes…but I’ll still look.

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Kim is Skinny and Busty and Naked of the Day

The model is named KIM and she has 67 people paying her between 10 dollars and month and 20 dollars a month or $670 and $1320 a month doing her nudes, pretty good deal since all it takes is taking nude pics. It is substantially better than working a day job where you get no respect, paid shit and infected with the Coronavirus…far more rewarding and less labor intensive.

So treat this as a cry to all the girls out there to start getting naked…the more girls getting naked the more the price will get driven down…until eventually all the tits will belong to us for FREE.

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Alina and Vika in the Bath of the Day

In this time of crisis, panic hysteria that may or may not be warranted, that may or may not be some big government scam to control the population, that may or may not be an actual crisis since there’s hard evidence despite being saying shit like “do you even know anyone with COVID”…

The nudes will prevail, now more than ever, girls will be getting naked for money, turning us into that debauchery distopia I’ve always fantasized the end of the world would be….where the women are whores and the men are ruthless killers trying to survive while fucking those whores…

Nudes lighten the mood, remind us what is important and that like social distancing is KEY….

I dont know who these girls are, or who the photographer is but they are social distancing wrong, yet it feels so right.

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Titties and Dumb Tattoos in a Hipster Shoot of the Day

I am not as mean as I used to be, but I want to be. Because I genuinely think everything is garbage and welcome the Corona Virus to weed out the weak, unfortunately most of the annoying people aren’t in their 70s, but in their 20s and 30s and likely will survive…so back to the drawing board.

I have no idea what this shoot is, but I’m trying to find better content, non-celeb content, slutty model content that I don’t produce to post up here because why not.

This particular shoot reminds me of a stripper who sees her earning dropping heavy with the fear of Corona. No lap dances as even the lonliest, depressive fuck starts second guessing this whole thing…..

So this shoot reminds me of a stripper, and not necessarily a good stripper, at least not based on her pussy tattoos designed to either crown her pussy with what looks like an olive branch on some Roman Empire shit, or maybe it’s with Christmas decorations…some MISTLE TOE if you will….doing her first shoot for her subscription site that she’ll market on reddit because the future of sex work is internet content…only problem is she’ll have the 1000s of college girls already doing it who don’t look like gutter strippers……competition is a good thing.

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