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Poppy Montgomery Nude Selfie of the Day

Am I even a celebrity blogger like the queers who got rich and famous for being celebrity bloggers….because I put up pics of celebrities all day, everyday for the last 15 years, but I really don’t know shit about anything celebrity or entertainment. I am the non celebrity blogger – celebrity blogger….

I start most posts with “Here’s _________________, I have no idea who she is”….which I see as being an irritating thing for someone who comes to a site to see celebrity tits…like figure it out’s just a google away…

So instead of saying Here’s Poppy Montgomery, I have no idea who she is, or why she is naked in a selfie, but have a better idea of why she’s naked in a selfie than who she is….

I am going to tell you exactly who she is….She played FBI agent Samantha Spade on the CBS mystery drama Without a Trace from 2002 to 2009….She is 47 or 48 depending on sources..which you’d assume is too old for nude selfies, but it’s the J.Lo era of 50 year olds confusingly thinking they are hot. She’s an Australian, and thus a whore who puts out when drunk, so maybe this is just the symptom of that.

She came to America at 18 to be with a boyfriend she met, but hated, then bused to Los Angeles to act.

She got signed by sending a headshot to Julia Roberts’ manager daily, which is how it was done, you had to be clever and persistent to get signed…she got signed. I guess she knew to find the GINGER FETISHIST because bitch is as GINGER as they come…Her freckles morphed into pigmentation….

Well, look at her now..naked on instagram like an instagram whore….those 30 years of hard work reduced to what a slutty instagram girl can pull off in a few weeks of internet hustle…oh how the times have changed…

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