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Reese Witherspoon’s Mom Tits On a Walk of the DAy

Did you hear about that actress Reese? She got Stabbed? With Her Spoon ? No with her knife…is the Reese Witherspoon joke you can jack off to while starting at her mom tits…

Reese Witherspoon, like every single mother, is not letting the COVID crisis get in the way of her getting her steps in.

So here she is with her mask on in a tank top for all you mom in activewear loving perverts who don’t realize what lies beneath the fitness gear when the spandex fabrics holding them together like some unreliable glue, because you know as well as I know that when the harnesses come off, it’ll be a lot like that DIY tiling job you undertook…everything’s gonna fall apart because wtf do you know about GROUT…not that you’ve ever tiled, maybe a better reference would be your semen…her spandex fabric holds her together like your jar of semen next to you bed holds your failures together…when not being modeled into vagina shapes you fuck…or sticking pics of girls you find online on your wall…until it dries and loses it’s tacky qualities….

I don’t know if that made more sense but be like Reese and don’t let the COVID get in the way of your steps.


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