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Renee Olstead Stripping of the Day

Renee Olstead Stripping

Renee Olstead had a minute of potential stardom a few years ago. She was on some show called The Secret Life of the American Teenager that someone told me shouted me out, but definitely DIDN’T Shout me out, however they did say Jesus Martinez….but there are 1,000,000 Jesus Martinez’s….

She had big tits, showed off her big tits, and was slated to be big tits for a while, but she fell off, people lost interest, but she’s roping us back in like the Texan cowgirl with the Lasso that she is…and all it took was a stripper dance.

Her last IMDB job was in 2016…or 2018…I don’t have my glasses but at 30 years old, a 2 year break seems fucking crazy…at her peak of getting dudes to jack off to her and make that fucking money…and she’s not working…crazy

But at least she’s got that stripper pole backup plan!

Renee Olstead Stripping Renee Olstead Stripping


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