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Rita Ora is Still Topless on the Beach of the Day

I don’t know if I overhype Rita Ora’s tits, I definitely give them the credit they deserve for her existing, because tits excite people, like potential record execs looking for a new signing, to DJs and Producers who are really just computer nerds who like to dance on a stage to a room full of drunk people, to the Rob Kardashian who was Rita Ora’s first dick when she came to America on that Record Deal Rihanna put a stop to because Rihanna knew this Bosnian bitch was coming for blood….but I always talk about how good they are, but when you see just how natural they are and just how much her body has caught up to the tits, making her look like a proportional all around sloppy mess….I’m still into looking because tits are always fun, no matter how much sag they have to them….I’m just like “this is all too real” when we’re trying to live out a fantasy through these people, not a fucking Walmart Clerk hook-up from Tinder that is all too accessible, as her tits would imply.



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Rita Ora Nude Leaked Photos The Fappening 2020

Rita Ora is a British singer and actress of Albanian origin. She began her singing career in her dad’s pub. Cooperation with Craig David and Jay-Z boosted her singing career and her first album Ora brought her national and world fame. 

She participated in multiple charity concerts and fundraising. She was appointed as the UK UNICEF ambassador. 

Rita Ora Sexy Topless The Fappening 2020 Leaks

Rita Ora is known as a singer. Aside from that, she tried herself as an actress in Fifty Shades of Grey films. On TV, Rita Ora was a judge on The Voice UK, Masked Singer UK. She was a host of America’s Next Top Model, MTV Europe Music Awards, etc.

Rita Ora Twerk of the Day

Rita Ora Twerk

I saw this yesterday and I didn’t bother posting it because I do enough for you people, plus you probably saw it elsewhere, plus you don’t care about what I have to say about anything or anyone and my influence is basically zero, because if I had influencer all these shitty actors, even those who shit on command like Amber Heard would be cancelled for being the fucking worst possible humans around that have the worst possible self involved, narcissistic and GREEDY fucking personalities…it’s like we reward these people who are HORRIBLE for being everything we are told NOT to be when we are growing up…

Rita Ora pretends to be a popstar, no one has ever heard any of her songs, but she got a following because she got in on this at the “right time” when instagram was first popping, rocking a record deal with a marketing budget before Rihanna had her fired….only to fend for herself as a bottom feeding cunt that inserted a Kardashian dick inside her for relevance, then a few DJ/Producer dick inside her for hits, only she never got the hits…

So while being this “recording artist” she’s actually just a set of tits who went to all the parties and confused people into thinking she mattered, tits have that power.

When really, she’s just a bitch who twerks on her social media to get noticed….in a “look at me, I can fucking ride on dick, that’s why you’re even seeing this, cuz I rode on dick” kind of way.

The pornification of turning every personality into a legit whore is hilarious to me because I remember when we had to wait around for a celeb to do something slutty like “get seen in a bikini”….meaning the sluttiest shit we got to stare at was bikini pics at the beach of a celebrity shot from 1000 yards away on some zoom lens…making them all pixelated but good enough cuz it was the celeb we wanted to see in a bikini.

Now they are out here twerking for views competeting with sex workers for views, what FUCKING losers…like LEGIT fucking losers…instead of doing something good, building a legacy, or in Rita Ora’s case having a hit song…she’s twerking like an 18 year old who launched an only fans for clout because it’s the new “getting a tattoo”….

What I am saying is celebs may be rich, they may have polarized people into thinking they are good, but they are nothing but bottom feeding trash. Fuck em all…

Rita Ora Twerk

Rita Ora Booty
Rita Ora Booty
Rita Ora Booty


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Rita Ora’s Titty Pics are Making the Rounds Again of the Day

With all the 15 minutes of shame or what others are calling No Fun Club and Cancel Culture going on, it’s safe to say that the internet doesn’t forget…people are digging through blog archives, song lyrics, celeb interviews, looking for times they faltered or said something that by today’s standards would be racy or offensive….Norman Lear and his Archie Bunker character who drops the N-Bomb at least once has not yet gone down…but they got Carl Reiner….who’s next?

Point being, internet doesn’t forget works in all of our favor when it doesn’t involve unemployed activists trying to take down people…between taking spread asshole pics for their only fans….so that they can be vapid celebrities that are one day taken down too….

So when the internet works in our favor, we get to revisit NUDE photos of whoever had they nude photo uploaded to the internet….and today’s old nude making a comeback is Rita Ora’s great tits, tits that really gave her a career, because despite saying she’s a popstar or a singer, we’ve never heard her sing, but we have seen her tits, and her tits are great enough to get invited to all the hollywood events…and even to some hollywood bedrooms…keeping the UK Kosovo Albanian around…

So here they are in a pic that is recircling…it’s not new, but it’s not bad…

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Rita Ora Cultural Appropriation But Topless of the Day

Rita Ora Topless Cornrows

Rita Ora is pretty bold rocking her cornrows like she was born in the Caribbean…especially in this era of Black Lives Mattering that I am going to assume she’s a part of, despite being from the UK, where the immigrants and minorities have free schooling, free health care, like in Canada…and can’t really worry about the plight of the American Black Man because of the color of their skin, because the American black man has it fucking worse…

But yeah, corn rows, braids, dreads, eating Jamaican Patties in Public….all risky fucking behavior that can bite you in the ass.

I assume she’s trying to get cancelled, just to get people to talk about her, I mean the topless selfies from a bitch who is always posting up her tits from every angle to get noticed, despite pretending she’s a pop star who should only need to use her meaningful music to spread her talent and word and the tits an after shot rather than the ONLY thing we know about her…because despite the olive skin, I don’t think Rita Ora is mixed race….I think she’s Alabian from Kosovo…. which aren’t even the blacks of Europe, Sicilians are…but here she is appropriating….the fucking nerve…

Hot tits though.

Rita Ora Topless Cornrows
Rita Ora Topless Cornrows


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Rita Ora Bikini of the Day

I still don’t know what Rita Ora, I mean they tell us she’s a popstar, but she’s probably the most famous/least successful popstar in existence. You know very popular but not for her music, but people assume she makes music, because she keeps pushing that on us, and we sort of just sit back and let her run her mouth with her lies because she’s got a rockin’ set of tits….

If anything, she may be able to sing, which isn’t saying much, since computers can make ANYONE popular able to sing, they can computerize that shit and make a pop song out of it, so whether she can sing or not is irrelevant….

She’s got a good marketing hustle, with a hot body like this, it’s probably an easy to execute marketing hustle…go to the parties, fuck the right dudes and pretend to date them, work the paparazzi, eventually host events, get brand deals, people follow her on IG so she must be relevant…and most importantly…use those tits you’ve been given, they are good tits…and what I’d assume account for 80 percent of her fan base because without the tits, is Rita Ora still a compelling figure, since with the tits, she’s barely a compelling figure…who cares….she looks good and has an ass too…is it the weekend yet? All this shit rots my fucking brain.

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Rita Ora Taking Her Pants Off of the Day

Rita Ora Bra

Rita Ora may be a bottom feeding celebrity that no one has ever really officially heard of, at least no one that I know, but I know a lot of homeless indigenous people, it’s a Canadian thing…we get drunk together….so they’re not really on the smart phones or social media…but should be.

She’s basically been a set of tits that can sing well enough to get signed by Jay Z’s illuminati entertainment company, only to be kicked off because Rihanna wasn’t down for the competition. There’s only enough room from one person of that TONE skin color….and really Rita Ora always seemed to be some Rihanna impersonator from a Cruise ship.

She fucked a Kardashian, some DJs, went to every party, sometimes multiple per day, was in the media, the paparazzi and yet the songstress who probably identifies as a popstar and who probably has a ton of money despite having done nothing, still hasn’t had a song I’ve ever heard of.

So here she is all FAMOUS in theory, not sure what she’s famous for besides her tits, yet she STIL lhas to do desperate pics like this for likes.

It’s pretty funny for all the whores out there who are getting naked on IG to get ahead, because clearly once they are ahead, as RITA ORA’s following is greater than their dream following is in their head, you know, their TARGET number when they’ve considered that they are making it…yet RITA ORA still REEKS of desparation with pics like this.

It’s a once a HO always a HO situation, not that exploiting your awesome tits is HOING, it’s just that Rita Ora probably likes the attention she gets when she’s more PROVOCATIVE, if anything it’s the way to propel herself forward…to bigger and better things…

Rita Ora Bra
Rita Ora Bra


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Rita Ora Hard Nipples of the Day

Rita Ora Hard Nipples

Rita Ora is twerking her fat ass…barely…but I guess when you’re a set of tits that lack star power despite having all those followers…you do what you can to get noticed, talked about, and instinctively it’s all about going backwards…tapping into your inner sex worker…or whore as I like to call them because I am a traditionalist….but as the whores take over and whoring is normalized and seen as a way to get followers you can monetize, and as girls are selling anal sex or gangbang videos on their 18th birthday as a right of passage, like regular everyday girls who in your era would have worked at TCBY are selling big dick in their ass porn clips on their 18th birthday…a little Rita Ora trying to stay relevant booty gyration is G-Rated….

The funniest thing about Rita Ora is that she came up as a popstar, that’s how people found her and how she got to the parties, yet no one I know has ever heard her sing…therefore not quite a popstar and more a set of tits on instagram…which I guess is rewarded the same way nowadays.

Rita Ora Hard Nipples
Rita Ora Hard Nipples
Rita Ora Hard Nipples

Rita Ora Hard Nipples


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Rita Ora’s Hot Bikini Posing of the Day

Rita Ora may be a virtual nothing of a celebrity, like if she has any self awareness she probably feels pretty fucking shitty about herself. I mean sure, she’s got a better life than she probably ever expected, or than anyone she knows. She’s rich, she’s famous…but she NEVER had the hits she probably thought she was going to have. She probably looked on Rihanna and was like “I’m coming” but instead of becoming a Rihanna…she’s an instagram bitch who relies on her big titty bikini pics.

So she came in strong, eager with an ego in tow…..only to basically fail in front of everyone luckily no one fucking cares, we don’t notice her failures, so she can keep them to her damn self.. we’re here for the tits and she does the tits.

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