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Rowan Blanchard G String of the Day

I once wrote this about Rowan Blanchard:

Rowan Blanchard has over 5 million followers on social media and I am pretty sure that I’ve never heard of her, but all these slutty celebrities that you weird perverts are obsessed with, sort of blend into each other because they are basically all the fucking same…

That said, she is a Disney Kid, who played TOPANGA’s daughter on GIRLS MEETS WORLD a show that was a spin off of BOY MEETS WORLD…and who’s reboot launched the porn career of MAITLAND WARD because there was suddenly new interest in her….

She turned 18 on OCTOBER 14, so you pervert fans are probably mad about it, but where for me, 18 is when she starts to exist…when the fun begins cuz I’m still a pervert, just not that kind of pervert, at 50 fucking years old, anything under 45 starts to look good, even when it doesn’t, plus the early 20s is when the real slutty content starts to happen.

THAT SAID….Her mom and dad are YOGA INSTRUCTORS…..which is hilarious, put the kid to work to pay the bills like she’s Corey Feldman…despite it destroying her at her core…

She is a self-proclaimed feminist, which means we can expect to see her using feminism as an excuse for nudity and empowerment and hairy armpits like all these social media girls do…and that’s something I appreciate being a pervert who likes when girls post slutty shit on the internet because my life is depressing and this is the content that keeps us cruising…

Pretty much sums it up, here she is in a G-String because young people are just edgy exhbitionists who hate men despite producing non stop content for them to jack off to.

Rowan Blanchard Beach G String

Rowan Blanchard Beach G String
Rowan Blanchard Beach G String
Rowan Blanchard Beach G String
Rowan Blanchard Beach G String
Rowan Blanchard Beach G String

Anyone notice she looks like Jaime Gomez, also known as The Teacher, Michel and Andreas from The Buddhafield Cult??


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Rowan Blanchard Cowboy Boots of the Day

Rowan Blanchard Cowboy Boots

Rowan Blanchard is an 18 year old actress who was on Disney’s Girl Meets World, where I guess she linked up with Boy Meets World alum Maitland Ward to discuss where the real money lies…pornography…

She’s bringing the COWBOY BOOT erotica, because COUNTRY is hot now, which is weird to me since I’ve been a fan of old country for as long as I can remember and I’ve had many conversations that have ended badly because people, the mainstream jerking off to this trending country thing, who would say “anything but country” when asked what they listen to….and now they’re all out here GIT’in Up, or Old Town Roading, or Cotton Eyed Joe….

But Disney kids are shapeshifters who know how to emulate the trends to get in on the trends like they created the trends….Miley did it, Bella Thorne has done it, it’s basically par with the Disney kid training program they all go through….if being a whore is the way the young people are going, you better go whore to continue being relatable to them….and the fact they are Disney kids makes it all more exciting.

Her parents are Yoga instructors, so I get the whole holistic, wholesome, down to earth hippie who would choose a life of being a Disney Kid. The two ideologies seem to be totally inline.


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Rowan Blanchard is a Hairy Armpit Disney Kid in a Racy Shoot of the Day

Rowan Blanchard is in some sheer underwear, with some Butterfly nipple pasties covering the goods, while showcasing her hairy armpits because it is a generational thing, and despite being the number 1 Bush ambassador on the internet the last 15 years because I have always loved bushed and will forever love bush….if you read the site, I don’t need to go into the reasons why, I don’t need to write my love poem to bush, just know the bigger the better….


Call me a misogynist….by I don’t seen how a bitch growing out her pits like nature intended it is attractive. We’ve been conditioned to hairless ARMPITS for a fucking reason. I was traumatized when I had an obese white trash foster mother who wore tank tops….she was a midget but midsummer I’d see sweat beading off her armpit hair as we were eating and I’d fucking gag….she thought it was me gagging to her tomato paste filled meal…and would punish me by raping me in the worst way possible any time I showed any level of protest….so I am fucking TRIGGERED by armpit hair.

Which means this ROWAN chick is totally insensitive to my needs as a VICTIM with her shameless showing off how feminist she is.

She won’t cave to our toxic masculinity and ideals…by shaving her pits, our NEW normal…and something France has been like “We’ve had armpit hair forever, stupid english people”…at least that’s what she’s saying but we see through it, you’re a fucking Disney Kid trend hopper doing what is marketable…standing their ARMPITS up in a “LOOK AT ME” …”LOOK AT MY ARMPITS”….drawing attention to herself with fucking neon signs and a marching band…and some asshole on the street corner flipping his sign….level of “LOOK AT ME AND HOW EDGY AND DIALLED IN I AM”…

For those of you who don’t know ROWAN, like myself, she’s Cory and Topanga’s kid in Girl Meets World….a Boy Meets World Spin Off that really only Launched Maitland Ward’s porn career.

From her wikipedia:

In a series of tweets in January 2016, she stated that while she had “only ever liked boys” in the past, she was “open to liking any gender” and therefore she identifies as queer.

So fucking deep you fucking victim / trend jumping idiot. What happened to Girls Gone Wild being mainstream behavior for girls….this whole “Queer, Feministy, Activist, Sex Assault Victim, Abortion Pusher”….is just dumb.

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