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Rumer Willis in the Bath of the Day

Rumer Willis Sexy Bath

Confusing things going on during the COVID crisis:

1- The stock market….I don’t understand the stock market to begin with, I’ve never had money to buy stocks but it seems like a fucking scam that makes no sense to me. I’m not a numbers guy, I just know that these companies sell off a percentage of their companies to the commoners / the public / the peasants, feed those commoners cooked books and manipulated numbers and stories…it’s called a pump and dump to value their shit much higher than their earnings would ever justify it being worth…. and in this COVID crisis where everyone is unemployed, no one is consuming much beyond groceries and booze and fitness equipment and entertainment content…the news calls for a depression but as weeks go on, the prices of stocks go back up to where they were….when they should be dropping….weird. Don’t trust big business or the governement…..

2 – Rumer Willis – sexualizing herself….because she’s ugly and now old….but rich thanks to her parents…so probably misguided into thinking she is hot. Positive affirmation does that. Tell a fat chick she’s hot enough and she’ll be acting like she’s fucking Beyonce when you try to have anal sex with her…when if nature took it’s course she’d be begging for anal, even paying for anal…because none of that bullshit hype got into her or other people’s heads into thinking BIG IS BEAUTIFUL….

I will say that Rumer Willis looks better than ever, which isn’t saying but but a thanks to FACE INJECTIONS…

Rumer Willis Nude


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