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Sailor Brinkley and her Quarantine 15 On a Jog of the Day

Christie Brinkley must be rolling around in her damn grave, I know she’s not actually dead, but this is probably damn near killing her, because she was so hopeful for her daughter to follow her steps in the world as some kind of superstar bikini model….

She had all the doors opened to her based on who her mother is. She’s got all the best trainers lined up, the best dieticians and home chefs…all perfect for Sailor Cook to follow her lead like she’s Kaia Gerber and Christie is Cindy….

But being rich, born rich, coddled, has won…the work ethic just isn’t there for someone who has everything, while all the food they could ever want that fills their cupboards or that their maid can pump out on demand, a perk of being rich….is catching up to the girl as her metabolism slows down…

So even if Christie sees her daughter as hotter than she is, as most moms do, she can’t see past this GUNT…hanging out of the leggings.

This is the protest, when your mom is a model who is known at 75 for still being hot, because she’s just that vain…you know…this is that FUCK you “let me have my own life but don’t cut off my trust fund, I need my cake budget”….

Is this fat shaming? Not really, it’s more Fat acknowledging and laughing at fucked up her mom probably is for not letting this girl be her natural and happy fat self…for vanity…

I support Sailor Brinkley in her quest to live her best fat life and I don’t even like fat chicks…but if you’re rich and can afford all the good foods, get that in your damn belly and enjoy it.


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