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Sophie Simmons Goth Erotica of the Day

Sophie Simmons Goth

Sophie Simmons is the heiress of the KISS empire. So bitch is prety fucking set. I think Gene Simmons is worth over a billion dollars thanks to the brand and when he dies it will go to her and her tall brother.

I am sure a lot of you saw her grow up on that reality show they were on, where she was just the fat girl who didn’t inherit the eating disorder her Playboy mom probably had, and while not looking anything like her Playboy mom, she decided to take a stab at titty modelling on instagram.

So in 2013, she was doing lingerie shoots, and all that and it really didn’t hit….which is too bad, because I like coddled celebrity rich kids trying to be interesting or edgy in their own right…you know to brek from their parents who define them.

I guess she’s still at it, not as good as it could have been, maybe a little silly and goth, but a slutty outfit is a slutty outfit and that’s what matters.

I am not offended by Sophie Simmons. If anything, I think she should be a bigger star, and she can start that up with spread asshole pics, the way nature intended.


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