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Ash Benson, Single Fat Lesbian Female of the Day

You may remember Benson as the tits on Pretty Little Liars, a show I’ve never seen, but remember her tits as they became more and more relevant…all her costars got Huge from the show in popularity and on social media…while Benson just got huge…she grew into her tits and not in a good way.

Well she eventually realized she was a lesbian, fucked or masturbated or whatever you call lesbian sex…anti-climatic? Uninteresting? Fake? Perversion? Boring?

Where the takeaway was that her dyke lover helped get her skinny and back into the mix like the opportunist she is…and now they broke up, so you can stop mailing them your sperm to make you your baby…..

Now the bets are on whether Benson goes back to cock…stay tuned for this boring, barely exciting, excitement…

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Top 50 On/Off Pics of the Week of the Day

So people on the internet like to take pics of themselves clothed, then naked, for you to compare or see how effective clothing is at misleading how fucking busted and broken down they are.

I am sure you, like me, have seen girls with their misleading spanx, fitness pants, reveal their actual sloppiness at least once in your life.

When we were younger, it was the padded bra effect, the she looks like a C-Cup and is an A-Cup, luckily I like every cup, so I don’t get upset about it, I’m just onto you…..

I don’t know why people are even getting dressed, or even showering, take this stay at home regulation seriously, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a good life in your own personal nest, and while there…why get dressed, that real insanity…is it a habit? You like feeling like you’ve got places to go to get your spirits up cuz you hate home, home is where the rapes happen…I mean that’s the only way I could see home as a bad place…

I do know that getting dressed gives them something to do, and allows them to take pics of them not in the clothes, to really slut out, when there’s nothing else to do….content creators can be fun….when naked…

So here’s 50 of this week’s on/off.

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Top 40(ish) Reddit On/Off Pics of the Day

As you obviously know, Reddit is a hotbed for amateur porn. The social network gives the people a platform to do basically what they want, the way the internet should bem and since we’re all perverts, the natural direction of the content is self produced porn.

Now, I hate the tube sites and produced porn in general. It’s shit and produced by the most basic loser dudes around. I’ve been the the AVNs and it was just some slimey and rapey shit, which isn’t what I am into.

Self produced porn though, that’s what I am all about, the slutty selfie to the slutty “watch me fuck my wife” it’s just more authentic and reddit is key….

Some of it is a little too “REAL” to really jack off to, but still fun to see….

Some of it is all these young hustlers with OnlyFans and Patreons trying to sell panties, nudes, sex videos, etc to the perverts. I support that self starting, self promotion, it’s better than instagram bullshit filtered shit….I like the move in that direction because normal hot chicks are doing it…now more than ever thanks to no service industry jobs.

So here’s the best of On/Off for the week…it is one of the crowd favorites on reddit, and in life….of girls clothed set against their nudes.

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