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Tara Lipinski Nip Slip of the Day

Tara Lipinski Nip Slip Instagram

Tara Lipinski has been retired from the skating world after winning the Olympics at 16, which is probably when you stopped masturbating to her, but she still exists and she’s still an American hero, at least in terms of being an Olympic commentator on Olympic skating every 4 years…which I don’t think can be defined as an actual hero…but at least she’s got a talent in this world of talentless trash that just gets naked on the internet for exposure, attention and money…while Lipinski’s nip slip has a career, training, success…wins behind it…so it’s not your standard internet whore behavior…it’s got more value than that.

I am not just hyping up Tara Lipinski and her nip slip because I am Canadian and spent Sundays hungover jerking off to figure skating during the winter thanks to our Socialist Government TV station that televised that shit…I am saying that because I like people with skills getting naked more than people who just get naked cuz they can…not that this is Tara Lipinski naked…it’s her nipple though…which is 1/5th naked if you ask me…which you didn’t.

Tara Lipinski Nip Slip Instagram


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