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Taylor Hill Bikini of the Day

Taylor Hill Green Bikini

I just googled Taylor Hill because despite her being some Victoria’s Secret model in a bikini, she’s boring as shit. I know you may not find a girl in a bikini boring for the sheer fact that she’s in a bikini, that’s enough for you to think she’s worth looking at, and you’re right….but I have to look at these bitches and pull something out of the pictures…and catalog, staged, contrived, bullshit bikini pics give me nothing to work with…they are zero inspiring…

So I googled her, because despite looking fine in a bikini…not “FINE”….like that 90s rap music “FINE”…but “fine”….like “how you doing?” if you know what I mean…just average and uninspiring across the board….

So when I googled her, even google was like “this bitch is boring”….because the result was “Taylor Hill of Skiatook named to Harding University dean’s list”

Bitch is a million dollar earning VS promo model…and the top story on her isn’t even about her…it’s about some dude named Taylor Hill making the fucking Dean’s list…the other Taylor Hill’s got more going on than this one…

Taylor Hill Green Bikini


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