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Old Granny TikTok of the Day

There’s an oufit swapping trend on TikTok, the Chinese spyware app that is tracking the American youth’s every move and they don’t care because they just want to song and dance man…

This is the outfit swapping trend video that went viral for the trend involving some girl in her instagram / CAM GIRL lingerie and her granny…who swap outfits in a terrifying yet brilliant exchange.

I ran this by my Millennial constituents / committee and they told me it was old news and that I’ve already seen it and may have even posted.

Luckily, I rely on you being more out of touch than me, so that when I put it up it’s new to you….

Not to mention this is so twisted, weird, hilarious, disturbing….hot…that I can’t repost it again if I have already posted it….

I just hope for the Granny’s sake, she didn’t get herpes or Chlamydia, you know kids these days…all banged out on dating apps and shit.

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TikThot Of the Day

I know that TikTok is the devil, it’s China laughing at America, saying “we can bug every American, just give them a platfrom to do embarrassing dances on and they will flood this shit with content we can monetize, as more and more people, even celebrities sign up, all while giving us a direct line to their every fucking move”….

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t GOLD on there…..

A lot of people I know get shown the underage girls putting ice cubes in their vaginas, or doing weird nude stunts, like inserting random objects up in their vaginas….

I get the crackheads, the toothless, the homeless, the fucking weirdos, the handicaps, the retards….which I am far more into because it is amazing.

This babe, is on another level of AMAZING…because TIKTHOTS come in all varieties..

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Ashley Tisdale TikTok Thotting of the Day

Ashley Tisdale’s ugly watch continues….if you read the site you’ll know I’ve been cyber bullying this trash for a long fucking time. I’ve consistently said how ugly she is, both before and after her botched plastic surgery nose job, because I was mad at knowing that Disney was putting money into marketing her as a hot piece, winning her awards and positioning her in the media as hot, which was fake news, before people were aware of fake news, and I felt it was my duty to debunk.

Despite calling her face mangled mess that looked like a farm accident, I always gave her credit for being fit…because if you’re ugly, workout, a hot body can go a long way….so I am not all evil…especially not anymore because my apathy has got tha better of me…and my low standards have crossed over into my “work”….

Anyway, TikTok, the Chinese owned platform that realizes they can track all the young Americans because Americans don’t fear being tracked, they’ve had over a decade of conditioning on “Privacy Policies” while being tracked by Facebook, Google, Apple, etc….to come to terms with it….but now they are giving the LISTENING devices in their pockets to China…who can basically MIC and CAMERA every motherfucker on TikTok….CCTV aint got shit on the iphone network…

The best part of it…is that they got everyone in due to “song and dance”….it’s a song and dance app where girls dance and lip sync and bust jokes to audio clips…a fucking song and dance app….taking over…and rightfully so…I mean Instagram and Youtube fucking suck…short format clips are easy, creative, and less staged or manufactured bullshit….

So obviously, every celeb, media company, advertiser is on TikTok…growing out that audience for the next wave…turning it into the INFOMERCIAL Instagram is….so in trying to remind you that she’s a celeb…Tisdale is in a bikini doing song and dance for TikTok too…and this is what that looks like…

China…from getting rich doing all the manufacturing for the US, to owning 90 percent of US real estate, to having a trillion dollar loan out to America….you might as well change your name to WuHan already….cuz you owned.

Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini

Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini
Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini
Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini

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